The MOSAIC Platform

The Mosaic Platform is a family of databases, algorithms, and workflows that quantify how individual completion parameters and lateral spacing influence both early production rates and ultimate recoveries.  We utilize both multi-variable regression analysis (empirical approach) and reservoir simulation (physics-based approach).  We find both approaches useful, but the reservoir simulation allows us to quantify ultimate recoveries with fewer assumptions and lets us explore beyond the range of what has been tried in the field.


In a single study, we may perform thousands or tens of thousands of reservoir simulations.  Single-well economics are run on all simulation projections to understand the optimal completion designs and drill-out economics are run to understand optimal lateral spacing.

In many ways, the Mosaic Platform replicates what an experienced reservoir engineer can do, but with the added benefit of statistical significance through large datasets and further enhanced with investment banker-like drill-out cashflow analysis.  Given our background forming, growing and selling start-up companies, we also provide the ability to layer in land and/or production acquisition costs to understand the full-cycle return to investors with both optimized and non-optimized completions and lateral spacings.

Why Did We Create These Optimization Tools?

The Mosaic Platform of tools was created over a 20-year span for internal purposes at two consecutive E&P companies, MGV Energy Inc. and Unconventional Gas Resources LP.  We used these tools to guide how best to create value for our investors.  This took the form of identifying and quantifying optimal completion designs, optimal lateral spacings and their impact on corporate cash flow, including risk adjustments for capital costs, operating costs and production.

We routinely used these tools in our field activity approval process to quantify the value uplift of moving from the current completion design to a more optimal design.  We also found these tools to be very helpful in describing and quantifying the upside in equity raise and sales processes.

Value Creation Through Optimization


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