Mike Gatens - Director


  • B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1980

  • M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1987


Work Experience

  • Director, Co-Founder, Mosaic Petroleum Analytics LLC, Bryan, TX

  • CEO, Director, Co-Founder, Unconventional Gas Resources Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Non-Executive Chairman, Director, Quicksilver Resources Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada

  • CEO, Director, Co-Founder, MGV Energy, inc., Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Division Manager, Vice-President, and Director, S. A. Holditch and Associates, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA



Mr. Gatens has 37 years of oil and gas experience, primarily in unconventional reservoirs.  He co-founded and was Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Unconventional Gas Resources, LP (UGR) in Calgary whose wholly-owned subsidiary, UGR Blair Creek Ltd., was sold to Painted Pony Energy Ltd. (TSX: PONY) in May 2017. Mr. Gatens was also on the Board of Governors of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), serving as Vice-Chair in 2015-2016 and Chair in 2016-2017.


In 1997 Mr. Gatens co-founded MGV Energy Inc., a Canadian E&P company.  MGV discovered the Horseshoe Canyon CBM play in Alberta and was fully acquired by Quicksilver Resources Inc. (QRI) in 2005.  Prior to founding MGV, Mr. Gatens was a Director and Vice President Eastern Division (Pittsburgh) with the consulting firm S.A. Holditch & Associates, specializing in the analysis and development of tight gas, CBM and shale reservoirs.  Prior to S.A. Holditch & Associates, Mr. Gatens worked as an engineer for Bass Enterprises Production Company in New Orleans, Ft. Worth, and Oklahoma City.


Currently, Mr. Gatens is a member of Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Department Industry Advisory Board and is a member of the Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Academy of Distinguished Graduates. Mr. Gatens has been active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers since becoming a student member in 1976. Mr. Gatens has authored and co-authored over 35 technical papers and has served on numerous SPE Committees and Boards. He served on the SPE International Board from 1995-1997 and the SPE Canada Region Board from 2013-2015 and was named a Distinguished Member in 2000. Mr. Gatens was the Founding Chairmen of the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas (CSUG), now called the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR). He served on the CSUR Board from 2002-2005, was named an Honorary Member in 2005, and received the Sproule Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. Mr. Gatens and Mr. Voneiff were also finalists for the 2004 Ernst & Young Canadian Entrepreneur of The Year.  Mr. Gatens was one of 100 Alberta Centennial Medal recipients during Alberta’s Centennial Year (2005) for his efforts in establishing CBM production in Canada. Along with his business partner George Voneiff, Mr. Gatens represented MGV Energy as the first number one company of the Aggie 100 selected by the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University in 2005. 

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