Cassie Blieske - Sr. Technologist, MP Analytics Ltd., Canada


  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Alberta                                          

  • Petroleum Engineering Technology Diploma– Geology Option, 1987


Work Experience

  • Sr. Technologist, MP Analytics Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Sr. Geological Technologist, UGR Blair Creek, Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Application Specialist, Encana Corporation, Calgary, AB, Canada

  • Application Support Specialist, Dominion Exploration Canada, Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada



Ms. Blieske has 30 years of oil and gas experience primarily as a Geological Technologist as well as an Application Specialist for companies ranging in size from small start-ups to large full scale development corporations. Most recently she was employed by Unconventional Gas Resources as their sole Geological Technologist where she was an important contributor to the process of defining, evaluating and exploiting unconventional reservoirs in both Canada and the USA.  Previous to that she worked at EnCana Corporation as an Application Specialist for their Spatial Data Team where she was responsible for upgrades and support as a steward to the geospatial data and mapping software both commercial and proprietary.


Her skills with software were fostered and enhanced while working as the only Application Specialist in the IT group for Dominion Exploration Canada where she was a key contributor in software projects such as the development and implementation of a well life cycle program and the implementation of a new accounting system. Her experience as a Geological Technologist previous to that time with the company was instrumental in relaying the point of view of the geosciences team to the software developers. Prior to Dominion, Ms. Blieske worked as a Geological Technologist at Altex Resources and Petrel Robertson Consulting where she was the first in these companies to embrace the emerging use of computers in the oil and gas industry to reduce the need for time consuming handmade maps and cross sections.

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T: 979.574.7179 (In the US)

T: 403.651.4360 (In Canada)

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